Order your copy of In the World of Ripped Jeans I found A Pyjama Boy

Mehak Dhingra & Mokshit Batra

Mehak Dhingra is an entrepreneur, author, an avid animal lover and Career Clarity Coach. She shares AB’s vision, her mentor and business partner, of creating leaders of tomorrow. She is currently Vice President at Harnessing Young Minds.

She believes Career is not only about choosing the subject you want to pursue but far more than that. She helps Children find their true potential using innovative techniques. She with AB maps their journey to the end goal.

Mokshit is now fifteen-year-old student of class 11, an author, and a keyboardist. He has been brought up by parents in an unconventional way that has molded him to be a mature, confident, and responsible young man.

Benefits of the Book

  • The expected outcome is that the child shall grow with high confidence and a sense of gratitude.
  • The child will have clarity and maturity unmatched.
  • The so-called monster “peer pressure” will have very little influence on a child’s mind.