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Ashile and Dr. Sharmila

In “I MISS UNDERSTOOD”, Ashile and Dr. Sharmila share with you the secret ingredients of building a successful parent and teen relationship by giving sneak peeks into their mother and daughter journey. This will help you achieve your dream relationship with your teen.

Using the knowledge this book provides, you will be able to tackle issues like failure of communication, handling failure, blame games, and the effect that it has on your child’s future. You will be able to handle taboo subjects like alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, and the black hole called technology, which stops you from having your strong, everlasting relationship with your parent or teen. Parents and teens don’t have to be in a scary roller coaster ride when they can build a strong, loving relationship at home and enjoy the adventure of the roller coaster ride together.

Benefits of the Book

  • How to talk instead of fighting
  • How to have a HOT(HOT-Honest, Open, Talk) meaningful conversation
  • How that the parent and the teen are on the same team